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Peter Chlubek

Executive Chairman - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

B.Sc. (Hons), MSc Applied Physics and Member of the Institute of Directors in London. Peter is a serial entrepreneur and during the past 25 years of his career, Peter has worked in international telecommunications as well as in leading-edge technology ventures which culminated in the co-founding of GEOS in 2004.

Peter also sits on the Boards of companies in the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Australia and the US.

As Managing Director of AMT (Holdings), Peter incorporated a 50/50 Joint Venture with Siemens AG to distribute state-of-the-art business telephone systems. Since 1995, as Chairman of Amalgamated Telecommunications Technologies Limited, Peter was involved in public network projects with the brokering of an agreement with Orbitel Mobile Communications Limited to develop a low-cost Radio Local Loop system for use world-wide. In March 1997, he concluded negotiations with the Dassault corporation for the supply of the Ethertel System and the acquisition of the product IPR.

In late 1997, as Chairman of Voyager Communications plc, Peter formed a team, which was able to build distribution to Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Belarus, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Voyager acquired the Peacock Cordless Business system and all patents from Ericsson AB of Sweden in 1997.

As Chairman of European Digital Communications plc, Peter arranged private placement funding of US$5m in June 1999. He successfully conducted many international negotiations with partners from Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and the United States. He also became chairman of one of the first global telecommunications alliances of VoIP carriers incorporated in Hong Kong in 2000. Following the acquisition of EDC by Wavecrest Communications plc in 2001, Peter joined the Board of Wavecrest.

In 2002 Peter formed Internav International, which developed some of the first service offerings providing live GPS location services for individual people. In 2004, the vision of applying GPS technology to personal travel safety services led to Internav International being the lead investor in a new venture – GEOS.

In February 2004 Peter, together with Bob Davis and John and Mike Chlubek, formally co-founded GEOS.

Denis Pomroy

Group CFO - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

Denis has more than 40 years international experience in Finance and Venture Capital. Prior to joining GEOS, Denis has held the CFO position at SOS Groupe, CopperCom, and Madge Networks. Denis has also worked in Venture Capital and has been an early investor a several technology and biotech Companies seeing three to the public markets by way of initial public share offerings. Denis has previously served on the board of four public Corporations in Europe and the USA.

At Madge Networks, a computer networking company, he managed the financial organization through the growth of that company from $1 million to $450 million in annual revenues, a period which included its initial public offering on the NASDAQ and two acquisitions valued at $450 million in pooling transactions. Earlier in his career, Denis held various international financial management positions at Nestlé, the world’s largest food company.

Denis holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK, and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants of the UK.

John Chlubek

Group CTO - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

John, who has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, stepped onto the software development path in 1981, developing data-entry programs for the mining industry and has now been involved in the software development industry for over 30 years.

John’s skills and expertise were utilized in the early 80s by WANG Laboratories, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, where he was part of the development team for the world’s first high-resolution color graphics workstations. Later in the 80s, he co-created one of the first Geographic Information Systems, which he developed in the United Kingdom and then in Australia as Technical Manager of an R&D and software development company.

In 1994, John, as co-Founder Director of ICS Communications, together with Mike Chlubek, developed Internav – one of the first commercial vehicle tracking systems in the World, which today has an established position in the vehicle tracking market. John’s vision of internet-based services resulted in the development of a web-based Tracking and Monitoring solution utilizing the GSM communications platform back in 1997.

Being at the forefront of technology in February 2004 John, was a co-founder of GEOS, where his knowledge and experience was applied to the design and creation of the GEOS infrastructure being used today.

Mike Chlubek

Director Systems Operations - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

Mike, who has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, has been involved in the software development industry for the last 19 years. In the early 80’s Mike was involved in managing a project converting Ordnance Survey UK street mapping from paper to digital format.

Mike was the co-creator of one of the world’s first Geographic Information Systems, which he developed in the United Kingdom and Australia. In 1994, Mike, together with John, co-founded ICS Communications and developed Internav – one of the world’s first commercial vehicle tracking systems in the World, which today has an established position in the vehicle tracking market.

Mike and John have been at the forefront of technology and have developed the Internav Web-based Tracking and Monitoring solution utilizing the GSM communications platform.

Mike is co-founder of Travel Safety Group or GEOS.

Jim Hankins

VP Technology - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

Jim is a seasoned technologist with over 20 years in the high-tech industry.

Prior to joining GEOS, Jim spent over 13 years with Cisco Systems in various roles to include Program Manager, Consulting Systems Architect and Systems Engineer. During his time at Cisco he was the lead architect for one of the Big 3 Auto Makers Global Voice Services built on Cisco IP Telephony. At the time, this was the world’s largest IP Telephony deployment replacing the world’s largest Centrex system. Prior to Cisco Jim was the senior network architect for Borg Warner Automotive. While at Borg Warner, Jim led a team of engineers in numerous global projects to include migration of disparate email systems to Exchange, LAN / WAN redesign and implementation and network security.

In addition to working in the corporate arena, Jim also spent 9 years in the US Army and is a combat veteran of Desert Storm.

Jim specializes in mobile software development where his background in highly available infrastructure design and support gives him a unique perspective to developing mission critical mobile applications.

Jim is married with four children and four grandchildren and lives just outside of Detroit, Michigan. His hobbies include tinkering with technology and photography. Jim also volunteers his time to not for profit organizations associated with the search for missing and exploited children.

Michele Pomroy

Claims Processing - GEOS Worldwide, Ltd.

Michele is an industry veteran primarily in high-tech companies.

Prior to joining GEOS, Michele has had a number of roles, including sales operations manager and other operational management positions with companies such as Madge Networks. Today, she is instrumental in help GEOS best serve our members who have selected GEOS Membership Benefits for their travel and exploration needs.

Mark Garver

CEO - GEOS Safety and Response

Mr. Garver has over 25 years in physical, information and network security assessment, planning, development and consulting. Most recently he has been a consultant to Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Carlson Company, Target Corporation, the State of New Mexico and numerous other commercial and government entities. He is board certified in Homeland Security, Cyber-Forensics, Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence Analysis and Dignitary/Executive Protection and is also an international speaker and instructor in numerous topic areas. Mr. Garver specializes in terrorism trends, bio-surveillance, geopolitical studies, incident response to terrorist events, search and rescue operations and personal, physical, and cyber security.

Prior to his current appointment with GEOS Response, Mr. Garver was COO of The Guidry Group and Vice President of Operations at GEOS Guidry Response, LLC where he developed and oversaw operations of the 24×7 emergency operations center. Mr. Garver also has served as the Founder/CEO of Specialty Intelligence Group, CEO of Transparence, Inc., COO of Berkeley Software (BSDI), CEO of NetOps, VP and General Manager at Ascend Communications, VP and General Manager at Dell Computer, and has held numerous other executive level positions in the security and technology sectors, as well as in the US Military. In these various roles, Mr. Garver has been a part of merger and acquisition teams on both sides of the table, having sold three of the companies he led for more than $400M and participating on M&A teams on deals up to $21B USD.

Mr. Garver sits on the Board of Directors of Specialty Intelligence Group, American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection, American Board for Certification in Intelligence Analysis and sits on the Education Committee of the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, where he is also certified at the highest level in Homeland Security and has been awarded Diplomate Status for his years of contributions to the board and in the homeland security field.

Mr. Garver has also published numerous articles and has contributed to chapters of two published books. Mr. Garver has been featured in a number of media, including the Wall Street Journal, Inside Homeland Security and various other trade publications, radio programs and television interviews.

Kevin Stamps

Director of Business Development

Kevin serves as the Director of Business Development. In this capacity, Kevin has the direct responsibility for developing and maintaining relationships with technology partners and solution providers, including OEM's. Kevin most recently served as the Director of Operations for the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) where he was instrumental in the development of the operational capabilities, along side the CEO, Mark Garver.

Prior to joining GEOS Safety Solutions, Kevin was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a member of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). During his time with the USCG Kevin held numerous certifications in Search and Rescue and law enforcement. Kevin was certified in High Value Asset (HVA) protection, High Interest Vessel (HIV) inspections prior to port entry, vertical insertion law enforcement team, commercial vessel inspections, tactical boat coxswain, search and rescue coxswain, and held coxswain certification on four vessel types. As the Officer of the Day (OOD) Kevin was responsible for the Station, the Vessels and the personnel assigned to the unit. Additionally Kevin ensured that all of the members assigned to his section received proper training to obtain certifications and maintain their certifications.

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2004 struck the United States Gulf Coast, Kevin’s team was one of the first to respond to the affected area. Kevin and his team quickly began operations that ranged from security to search and rescue. His team provided security for key critical infrastructure facilities, and also aided in the reopening of the Mississippi River by delivering essential personnel and supplies to remote locations. Prior to the beginning of security operations his team was responsible for saving over a hundred people that had become stranded in remote areas and on levees along the Mississippi River. Kevin and his team was able to overcome and adapt in a challenging and ever changing operational environment, this flexibility allowed his team to play a key role in the recovery of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

John Allred

Solution Sales Manager

John Allred serves as solution sales manager, with an emphasis on customers in the Southwest. The primary customer base and focus is those customers that are a part of our critical infrastructure.

John Allred has an extensive background in Construction Engineering, Engineering Management and Logistics. Insuring that Clients are informed on progress and completion of projects. He has extensive sales knowledge in the Oil and Gas Infrastructure business development.

John has over 30 years experience working with Fluor, Exxon, BP, Conoco Phillips, Celanese, Vogtle Nuclear Power Plants and Haliburton. This experience allows John to not only understand the needs in these segments, but to develop cost effective solutions to meet their specific needs.

John joined GEOS in 2016 because of the glaring need of monitoring employees and assets and to provide best-in-class safety, security and response solutions into these critical industries.

Holly King

Program Management Office (PMO) Manager

Holly's primary role is to support our partners in integrating with GEOS, to provide critical support to our customers, and to manage each project and program at GEOS.

When Holly joined GEOS she spent a number of years as a member of the Emergency Operations Team at the GEOS IERCC, and has progressed through the ranks to her current management position with GEOS. Holly started her career as an administrative assistant, before using the skills she developed in that capacity to move into customer and partner relationship management.

From there Holly served in a regulatory and compliance role and eventually moved into product management.

Lindsey Brack

Catalyst - Human Resources and Administration

As the catalyst for the group, Lindsey reports to the CEO and handles numerous aspects of the operations including Human Resources and Administration.

Lindsey started her career as a Team Lead in retail while in High School and continued through College. Lindsey worked for Academy Sports and Outdoors for 12 years. Lindsey received her BBA degree in 2007 from Sam Houston State University and was promoted to Administrative Assistant which included acting as a Human Resources liaison between the store level and Corporate office.  In that role she traveled to different stores to help train their administrative assistants and also helped open a new store in 2013.  Lindsey changed roles in 2014 and took over the Logistics Manager position.

Lindsey joined GEOS in 2015 as a member of the Emergency Operations Team at the GEOS IERCC where she served until her recent move into her new role.

Angela Thompson

Compliance Manager - IERCC

Ms. Thompson serves as the compliance and certification officer for GEOS. In this capacity she works closely with the CEO, industry and government bodies, and our partners to ensure that all compliance and standards issues are not only met, but developed where none exist. Prior to this role, Ms. Thompson served as the Manager of Emergency Operations for the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

Ms. Thompson has been with the IERCC since the launch of the group and its services. In her capacity, Ms. Thompson is responsible for the emergency operating procedures as it relates to Search and Rescue (SAR), Emergency Incident Response and Command, Asset Safety and Security Assurance and MEDEVAC Services. Ms. Thompson started as one of the IERCC’s first watch standers, and due to her experience prior to joining the team, she quickly rose through the ranks.

Prior to joining the IERCC team at GEOS Response, she was a dispatcher for The Woodlands Fire Department, and previously worked for Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as a 911 Dispatcher / Shift Supervisor for 8 years. Angela has 20 years of Law Enforcement and Dispatching experience which has been crucial for her current role with GEOS Response.

Emily Thompson

Emergency Operations Team Lead - IERCC

As a Team Lead, Emily is responsible for the operational aspects and mentoring of her Emergency Operations Team, Alpha Team.

This includes training and certification, refresher training, incident response drill development as well as day-to-day tracking of Alpha Team performance metrics and quality controls.

Emily is a member of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and serves as one of GEOS' ambassadors at NENA conferences and events.

Brittany Allemang

Emergency Operations Team Lead - IERCC

As a Team Lead, Brittany is responsible for the operational aspects and mentoring of her Emergency Operations Team, Bravo Team.

This includes training and certification, refresher training, incident response drill development as well as day-to-day tracking of Bravo Team performance metrics and quality controls.

Brittany is a member of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and serves as one of GEOS' ambassadors at NENA conferences and events.

Brian Bourgeois

Emergency Operations Team Lead

As a Team Lead, Brian is responsible for the operational aspects and mentoring of his Emergency Operations Team, Charlie Team.

This includes training and certification, refresher training, incident response drill development as well as day-to-day tracking of Charlie Team performance metrics and quality controls.